What to Visit, Where to Eat, and How to Have Memorable Moments in Blanchard

Blanchard, Oklahoma Where to go?

The small town of Blanchard welcomes its visitors with historical buildings, great parks, golf courses, and of course, a wide choice of great restaurants. No matter how long you are staying in the city of Blanchard, it’s easy to find something fun to do in this Oklahoma town. If you are on your way to Oklahoma City, you can stop by in Blanchard and spend a great afternoon. If you have more time to spare, you can start exploring this small and charming town, and meet all of its hidden beauties. Now, let’s see how you can experience the history and culture in Blanchard, and where you can relax with great food and pleasant atmosphere!

Things You Should Visit First — The Historical Sites

The city of Blanchard is one of the oldest communities in Oklahoma — it was founded back at the beginning of the 20th century. Naturally, the city has a lot of historical sites and old buildings that hold the spirit of the early days. When visiting Blanchard, you should take your time to visit these historical facilities and experience Oklahoma from more than a century ago.

The first historical site that you should visit in Blanchard is an old Methodist Church that was built before WWII, in the late 1930s. The church is easy to find, it’s located at 300 North Main Street, near the city center. The building is designed in the classical architectural style of the early ’30s in the USA, and it’s one of the most beautiful sights in this part of Oklahoma state.

Blanchard in the City Hall

Oklahoma in the Old Days

Besides this religious monument, you should also visit Blanchard City Hall. This building originates from the earliest days of the Blanchard community. The City Hall was built in early 1909. This facility had different purposes in the past; it didn’t start as a City Hall. Today’s Blanchard City Hall was first used as a courthouse — it was McClain County Northern District Courthouse. Also, did you know that a part of the facility was used as a jail? Nowadays, this building is one of the most important historical sites in Blanchard.

These historical buildings are not the only ancient “residents” of this small town — in the city of Blanchard, you can still see an Old City Elevated Water Tower that dates from 1926. Now, after this little historical and educational tour, we guess that you would like to make a small break. Luckily, the city of Blanchard has to offer great places for relaxation.

When You Want to Relax — The Parks in Blanchard

After your visit to the Old City Hall, and the old church, you can take your pick for some nice relaxation time from many beautiful parks in Blanchard. The Lions park in Blanchard is a great spot to take a break, take your children to the playground, or to enjoy the scenery. However, if you are visiting Blanchard on a hot summer’s day, maybe you would like to visit the Splash Park in Blanchard and cool yourself down a bit. Your children will be more than glad to visit Blanchard Splash Park, for sure! Now, if a lovely day at a park and a bit of splashing are not quite enough for your “fun time” demands, Blanchard can help with its fantastic golf courses.

In for Some Recreation? — Playing Golf in Blanchard

Gold court in Blanchard

There are two great places in Blanchard for playing golf and having that real country club experience. We recommend you to visit Four Lakes Golf And Country Club, and Winter Creek Golf And Country Club. Here you can play golf, enjoy drinks, try out fantastic food made by the best Blanchard chefs. Winter Creek Golf And Country Club feature a beautiful facility with a captivating interior that offers an amazing dining experience. However, this is not the only place in Blanchard where you can taste amazing food — let’s see where else you can treat your palate in this small town.

Time for Wining and Dining

For the fans of grills and burgers, Blanchard has to offer many excellent restaurants such as Paw Paw’s Onion Burgers and KT’s Barbeque. A great place to visit also is Dakota’s Family Restaurant. Also, in Blanchard, you can find authentic Mexican and Chinese food. If you like to experiment with something a bit different, something sweet and a lot of fun, both for adults and kids, you can try Green Leaf Nutrition. Since almost everyone loves good pizza, we have to mention Mazzios Pizza place, a great spot in Blanchard to enjoy that amazing taste of real pizza.

Visiting Blanchard During Holidays

Even though Blanchard always has to offer something fun and exciting to do, visiting Blanchard during holidays is maybe the best option. This small town has fun and fabulous holiday traditions that should be experienced first hand. One of the most amazing things that you can witness in Blanchard is St. ’Patrick’s Day Parade! If you are looking for a place to spend St. Patrick’s Day, look no further, because this Oklahoma small town has a charming and memorable celebration for this holiday.

Besides this parade, the city of Blanchard organizes other holiday celebrations, such as Pumkinfest, Christmas on Maine, and Veterans Day Parade in the Historic Downtown. Before you head on to Blanchard, be sure to check which events are planned for that period, since the city often organizes fun and public cultural events.

Great Places Nearby

However, fun with visiting Blanchard doesn’t have to end the moment you step outside the city limits! There are so many amazing places that you can visit just outside the Blanchard. If you like gambling, in the nearby Newcastle, you have great casinos, the Newcastle Casino, and Newcastle Travel Gaming. In Newcastle casino, you can have both amazing gaming and dining experience, while in Newcastle Travel Gaming, The Chickasaw Nation offers you a chance to try your luck while you are on your way to Oklahoma City. When you do reach Oklahoma City, you can have an amazing cultural tour.

Gambling in Newcastle Casino

In Oklahoma City, you can visit excellent museums and parks. We recommend you stop by Oklahoma City National Memorial, Oklahoma Museum of Osteology, and National Cowboy & Western Heritage. The nearby Norman, Oklahoma has Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, that should be on your “to visit” list.

Final Words

Small towns in the United States have a lot to offer, rich history, beautiful architecture, and great places to wine and dine — all you need to give them a chance to uncover their beauties to you. Exploring Blanchard, Oklahoma can give you lovely, memorable moments, new knowledge about early U.S. history, and great fun time! Besides, when you leave Blanchard, you can still explore exciting places in nearby cities. If you want to have fun, try good local food, play golf, spend holidays, watch exciting parades, and meet the U.S. for the early 20th century — Blanchard is waiting for you!