Veteran Family Gets a New Home, New Hope, and a Chance to Pursue Their Dreams

adam putt photo

After his service in Iraq, U.S. Army Specialist Adam Putt returned home severely injured. The explosion of the improvised device took away both Adam Putt’s legs in the summer of 2007. Adam Putt served as a rifleman at the time in the 2nd Infantry Division. Although nothing can entirely mend this horrible tragedy, human kindness has its way of giving new hope and making life a bit easier. Company Jay London Homes has constructed Adam Putt’s original home that is completely wheelchair accessible.

The home donated to Putt by HFOT was designed to feature all adaptations that would make veteran’s life more comfortable — the bathroom has a wheelchair-accessible shower, and the kitchen features specially designed shelves and countertops that can be used by people with paraplegia. This wonderful donation by HFOT was possible due to the kindness of various donors, corporate partners, and supporters.

Adam Putt said in his statement that all injured men and women that served their country don’t lose just their limbs but their goals and their missions as well. Putt added that now, thanks to his new home, he would once again have the opportunity to experience independence and freedom to fulfill his next mission. Thanks to the donation by HFOT, Putt will now be able to enjoy his time with his children and work on his education. On June 22, Adam Putt, his two sons Victor and Virgil, and Tiffany, his wife, got their new home in the city of Blanchard, Oklahoma.