Trump’s New Ideas to Reduce Gun Violence

Gun Violence with Trump

After two tragic events in Texas and Ohio that happened last week, President Trump proposed several new ideas that might help reduce gun violence in the country. However, the ideas varied between ones that are barely possible and others that are implausible and ill-defined.

Trump started blaming video games and saying that everyone should try to lessen the influence of these “gruesome” games even though there is no evidence that they are related to increased aggression and real-life violence. After that, he praised the effort and idea by Lindsey O. Graham, who said that she tried to confiscate firearms from people that were deemed unfit to own a weapon.

These ideas came after a series of tweets where Trump called for stricter background checks before a person was able to buy a gun. However, he managed to connect these ideas to immigration reform, and neither he nor White House managed to explain the connection between the two.

The final result was a mixture of different ideas and responses that spurred momentum on one side but created a backlash on the other. Finally, there was no sign that any of these ideas would return to Washington and that anyone would address them.

Kyleanne Hunter, who is a vice-president at Brady, has said that while President Trump talks about gun violence, he keeps missing the point and connecting it to the wrong issues. She has also added that every country in the world has immigrants and video games. However, the U.S. is the only country with gun violence issues.

Furthermore, White House representatives gave no response to any of the questions regarding Trump’s ideas. Besides, they also failed to address what was the reason for Trump connecting recent shootings with background immigration checking.

They are still investigating the post that was filled with anti-immigrant ideas and warnings of what the writer, Patrick Crusius, called Hispanic Invasion.

Peter T. King said that what Trump was doing was putting everything on the table. He also added that the president was an excellent negotiator and that he was just throwing ideas that might serve as a start for a further discussion.

One of the other ideas is to give the grant to states that will implement an emergency risk protocol. The central idea behind this is to give people the right to petition a judge to ban a person from having a firearm if they believe that they might be a threat to others. There are seventeen states that offer this type of law.

The reports say that Trump is supportive of this decision, and if everything goes according to the plan, this will be just one of the many new laws regarding safety and gun control. Universal background checks were passed earlier this year by White House. Also, it is said that Republicans are willing to do their part.

However, the earlier idea for expanded background checks failed to pass the Senate. It was proposed after the shooting in Newton, where twenty children and six employees lost their lives.

The legislation would apply to almost every bought firearm, and each of the writers spoke to Trump and said that he was willing to work on strengthening most of the background checks.

Patrick J. Toomey, who co-wrote the legislation, said that they shouldn’t propose the new bill tomorrow since it would probably fail again. He also said that the best idea would be to work on it and to develop both coalition and consensus that might give the right outcome in the end.

However, other parts of Trump’s speech weren’t as well-received as the previous ones. He said that it wasn’t a gun pulling the trigger but hatred and mental illness. Almost all studies have shown that there are only a fraction of shooters diagnosed with mental health issues.

CEO of the American Psychological Association, Arthur C. Evans Jr., said that these forms of oversimplification and arguments blaming video games for mass shootings wouldn’t help us reach the solution to the problem.

Trump also managed to loosen the restriction regarding people with mental health issues and gun-owning, and he managed to overturn the old regulation that prevented people with this type of diagnosis from purchasing guns.

Finally, he said that he was preparing a draft that would speed the process of the death penalty for people convicted of specific crimes, like mass murder. The Justice Department can already ask for the death penalty, and what they are trying to achieve is to hasten the process. The administration also said that they would try to resume executions for all federal prisoners who had been waiting for capital punishment for the past month after 16-year moratorium has been lifted.