Museums in Blanchard

Museums in Blanchard

Blanchard is a city in Oklahoma located on the border of Grady and McClain counties. Even though there is a bit under eight thousand people in the city, there are plenty of things you can do and see if you’re visiting Blanchard.

The city is also a part of the so-called Tri-City Area where the other two are Tuttle and Newcastle. Blanchard is rapidly growing, and the whole area is filled with history and culture. However, when it comes to museums in Blanchard, you won’t have much luck if you were hoping to visit one.

While there is a public library in the city, there is only one museum. The oldest building in Blanchard was a high school. Unfortunately, that building was closed in the sixties. While many other cities would simply demolish the building and create something like a parking space or a mall, citizens of Blanchard got a better idea — they turned it into a museum. The current leadership of the school simply donated the building, and the museum moved in.

The idea behind it was to save the oldest building in the city and to preserve memories and the spirit of Blanchard. The first generation of students graduated in 1915. Each of the generations of graduates will get their own classroom, so you could check over a century-long tradition and history of the town. Organizers also announced that over five hundred graduates would go through the museum and sign the register.

Unfortunately, if you were looking for more museums, you will have to travel a bit further to Oklahoma City where you can visit plenty of museums and galleries. Blanchard is located less than 30 miles from Oklahoma City, so you will be there in no time.