Montero Has the Best Performance of His Career With Horse Onion Ring

Montero Horse Onion Ring

Trenten Montero from Winnemucca city, State of Nevada, and his horse Onion Ring, put up the best show and scored an incredible 87 points. It wasn’t the first time for Montero to ride this horse, but it seems that he needed this second ride on Korkow Rodeo to go home a winner.

The first time that Montero rode Onion Ring was in Fort Worth, Texas. That time, Onion Ring went a bit ahead of the cowboy and cost Montero the victory. This experience from Texas was a valuable one for Montero, and in St. Paul, the cowboy didn’t repeat his mistake and won 87 points with the same horse. Montero said after the show that he had to be entirely concentrated the whole time and that he knew he had to give his best in the beginning if he wanted to win. Trenten Montero (27) is an experienced cowboy; he had participated in competitions many times, but this was the best one in his career.

Checotah and Blanchard Bring the Two Champions

Montero later stated that there were times in his career when he felt like he was hitting the brick wall. However, after his performance in St. Paul, Montero finally felt like he tore that wall down. In the steer wrestling category, two competitors made the same score — Riley Duvall from Checotah, and Blanchard, Blake Mindemann. Duvall and Mindelmann had the same score of 8.8 seconds, and they shared the steer wrestling championship title.

The excellent score from St. Paul was terrific news for Duvall, who had multiple consecutive competitions during the past week. The cowboy participated in competitions in Livingston and Red Lodge, Montana, then Greeley, Colo, Cody, Prescot, Wyoming and Window Rock in Arizona. Of all of these competitions, only Red Lodge was a bit fortunate for Duvall, when he made some smaller sum of it. Riley Duvall (27) said that he loves to participate in the St. Paul rodeo for the Fourth of July. He also added that this rodeo is his favorite one, mostly because it’s old school. Duvall currently holds 11th place in the PRCA. He also competed two times in WNFR — once last year, and once back in 2016.

Texas Cowboy Scores 90.5 Points

Boudreaux Campbell from Crockett, Texas, won the title on the bull Tequila. On the first bull that Campbell rode, the cowboy won 77 points. This score secured Campbell the second try, and the re-ride brought him a fantastic score of 90.5 points. Boudreaux Campbell (27) stated that when the judges had offered him a second chance, he immediately took it because he wouldn’t settle for anything that’s not the first place. Young Campbell has competed before in the WNFR and holds the 10th place in PRCA.

Scheer’s Amazing Comeback After the Injury in Alberta

Cort Scheer managed to break the previous record with Kool Toddy when he scored 89 points on Big Stone Rodeo. This was Scheer’s first ride with Kool Toddy, and it was a fortunate one too, since it brought him the score a point higher than the previous record. The cowboy participated in Calgary Stampede, and in Cloverdale also, and he had won a prize both times.

Scheer suffered an injury in Le Duc, Alberta. The cowboy finished the rodeo in Alberta with broken ribs, and he needed a month to recover. After this break, Scheer’s first rodeo was the one in St. Paul, that brought him a memorable score. The cowboy stated that he did try to ride just a week after the severe injury from Alberta, but he soon realized that it was too serious for ridding. Scheer decided to rest for a month, and be patient so that he could compete in St. Paul.

Fourth of July rodeo in St. Paul is one of Scheer’s favorites — the cowboy said that the organization of the rodeo is amazing and that the atmosphere is fantastic. Scheer, who had six participations in WNFR, always loves to come to St. Paul rodeo.