Great Places to Eat in Blanchard, Oklahoma

Food in Blanchard

When you find yourself in Blanchard and get in the mood for some nice food, you don’t need to worry — this small town in Oklahoma has a lot of diners, pizza places, restaurants, drive-throughs, and a grill place. Now, we have made you a top list of the best places to eat in Blanchard. Let’s jump to the reviews and discover why the visit to Blanchard can be quite a holiday for your palate!

10. Boomarang Diner

A great place to enjoy fried chicken in Blanchard is certainly Boomarang Diner — a small and pleasant place with authentic American food. Friendly staff and good food are things that make this diner worth visiting. Boomarang offers sandwiches, burgers, onion rings, fried mushrooms, pancakes for breakfast, and, of course, tasty black coffee and frosted mug root beer. If you have a sweet tooth, you can find yourself quite pleased with the choice of desserts and shakes in Boomarang Diner.

9. Champs Chicken

Champs Chicken

Since we already mentioned great fried chicken, we have to mention Champs Chicken! This place is a great choice for those who love fried food more than any other. In Champs Chicken, you will find tasty fried chicken with all kinds of dipping sauces and side dishes. This place is a nice option when you are on the go and need a quick bite. Also, the place is great for children, and it’s close to the city center.

8. Burrito Grill

When you feel like spicing things up, visit Burrito Grill in Blanchard, Oklahoma! Here you will find a wide choice of authentic traditional Mexican dishes, such as quesadillas, tacos, and burritos. Of course, at Burrito Grill, you can enjoy great Mexican snacks and dips while you wait for your food. Burrito Grill is a nice choice for those who like spicy food, a lot of jalapenos in their plate, and traditional Mexican cuisine.Burrito Grill

7. Dakota’s Family Restaurant

If your idea of a great meal is perfectly cooked ribs, tasty mashed potatoes, or a nice hamburger steak, then visit Dakota’s Family Restaurant and enjoy the classic American cuisine. The place is known for hospitality and chefs who know how to make a great BBQ. Dakota’s Family Restaurant is located in the Blanchard city center. Even though this restaurant didn’t make it in our top-five section, it still is one of the best places to eat in Blanchard, Oklahoma.

6. Oasis Drive-Through

This place maybe isn’t the best option for a longer stay, but due to the quality of food, it earned a high spot on our list! Just as their ad says, Oasis really does have great food and great beer. And what’s more that one can want from a restaurant? This place is made for those who imagine a great meal as a perfect slice of pizza and a nice, cold beer. Also, Oasis Drive-Through hasn’t forgotten those who like a bit of sugar — they have nice desserts too!

5. KT’s Smokehouse

We are only at number five on our list, but we’ve already seen that Blanchard has a talent for BBQ and ribs. Here’s yet another great place for BBQ lovers — KT’s Smokehouse, Blanchard, Oklahoma. Smoked BBQ, ultimate burgers, steaks, and homemade desserts are things that in KT’s Smokehouse make the first-time visitors become happy regulars. Pleasant and friendly staff are just gravy on top of the amazingly cooked meat.

4. China House

China House

Great Chinese food is not easy to find — Asian cooking is very tricky, and it’s so easy to mess things up. However, the city of Blanchard has one cute, little restaurant that is quite successful in making authentic and tasty Chinese food — China House restaurant on Veterans Memorial Highway. If you like seeing soy sauce, noodles, and sour-sweet food on your plate, then you should stop by the China House in Blanchard.

3. El Tepeyac Mexican Restaurant

El Tepeyac Mexican Restaurant

Great beer, lots of margaritas, and tasty tortillas — is there anything more that you need for a fun evening? El Tepeyac Mexican Restaurant is a great place to relax, try good food, go out with friends, or bring your children for tasty food and fun atmosphere. Great interior, a wide selection of Mexican dishes, and a large variety of quality beers are what launched El Tepeyac Mexican Restaurant to the amazing third place on our list.

2. Mazzio’s Pizza

We talked about BBQ, margaritas, desserts. Now, we have a little treat for the fans of Italian cuisine — Mazzio’s Pizza place! Amazing pizzas and fried wings led this restaurant to the second place on our list. Mazzio’s pizzas are tasty, authentic, original, rich with flavor, and made with care and skill. Of course, Mazzio’s Pizza doesn’t offer just pizzas. Here, you can enjoy salads, wings, pasta, and desserts, all alongside cool, tasty drinks. Now, let’s see which place in this small town took first place on our list!Mazzio’s Pizza

1. Winter Creek Golf and Country Club

The most elegant and exclusive place for memorable wining and dining experience in Blanchard, Oklahoma is Winter Creek Golf and Country Club. The city of Blanchard has a lot of great restaurants. However, the Winter Creek Golf and Country Club is an absolute winner of our top list. This place offers the unmatchable, extravagant dining experience. If you prefer more of European-styled dining places, crave true elegance, and want to experience something more delicate and luxurious, we recommend Winter Creek Golf and Country Club. However, before you plan your visit to this country club, be sure to call their customer service and inquire about membership requirements. Also, this place is a fantastic choice for all your celebrations — a wedding, or an anniversary, for example.


From the tacos dipped in sauce with the side of cold beer to the most glamorous dining experience, we covered everything that Blanchard has to offer in the memorable cuisine department. As we could see, Blanchard has something for everybody — great Italian cuisine, authentic Mexican food, tasty BBQ, pleasant places for a family night out, bars with great beer and cocktails, and a restaurant for those who want something quite luxurious. When you visit Blanchard, one thing is for sure — you can hardly make a mistake with Blanchard restaurants, just take your pick, and enjoy your time with family and friends!