City of Blanchard

American small towns have their own, unique charm — they remind us of those all-American values more than anything else — one of such charming cities in Blanchard, Oklahoma. Acres of vast grasslands and small forests protect this city from the urban rush, noise, and big-city frenzy. However, the city didn’t pay a high price for this serenity — Blanchard has a great infrastructural connection with all major cities in the area. Route 62 takes you from the heart of Blanchard right into the busy center of Oklahoma City. The excellent geographical position and infrastructure of Blanchard are no accident — this city was planned long ago, back at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Interesting Beginnings of the City of Blanchard


For over a century now, Blanchard has been expanding, developing, and flourishing. The city started off as a pretty small community back in the fall of 1906. The city was born thanks to the Canadian Valley Construction Company that established the first community in the part of Oklahoma that we now know as Blanchard. Due to fast industrial progress, this small community of early Blanchard soon expanded into a town that proudly welcomed over 1,000 residents. However, today’s Blanchard went a long way from this small number of residents, as it now has over 2,500 households and around 8,000 people. Throughout its history, the city of Blanchard granted the world some talented and brave people.

The Town Is Its People — A Hero and Nightingales

The city of Blanchard is likely the most famous for its singers — talented country musicians that promoted their smalltown all across the United States., and some of them, across the world. It all began back in early 1929 when a little girl by the name of Bonnie Campbell was born. This little Miss Campbell soon dazzled the USA with her great voice and tender soul made for the country. However, the talent for singing was not the only thing that blossomed in Miss Campbell’s youth, as she soon fell in love, got married, and got her new surname — Owen. Bonnie Owen recorded numerous hit songs throughout her career, among which are Why Don’t Daddy Live Here Anymore, Don’t Take Advantage of Me, Excuse Me For Living, I’ll Kiss My Wedding Ring Goodbye, and Our Hearts Are Holding Hands.

Talented Bonnie had a successor — just as charming and as famous Jody Miller. Myrna Joy Miller, later known as Jody, was born in 1941 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Miller family moved to Blanchard, and young Myrna Joy grew up in Oklahoma, together with her four older sisters. Her talent was discovered when she was just a young girl, and in the ’60s, Jody Miller was already performing in the City of Angels. Jody Miller released more than ten studio albums, among which are the well-known Home of the Brave, Look at Mine, House of the Rising Sun, and Country Girl.

However, Blanchard is not just a city of music; it’s also a city of patriotism and bravery. Blanchard is the hometown of the war hero Tony K. Burris that died serving his country at the early age of 22. Tonny K. Burris was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. He was also decorated with a Purple Heart. Tony K. Burris died in 1951 in the Korean War, where he served as First Class Sergeant in American Infantry.

A Great Place to Raise a Family

Blanchard is not just a place of great singers, the hometown of a war hero, and a town with a rich and interesting history — it’s also a place that offers a great future for young families and for all those who wish to enjoy a quiet life of a U.S. smalltown. The city of Blanchard is a wonderful place for raising a family — it’s serene, the people are friendly, the neighborhoods are safe, and the place is quite well-organized.

In this city, you may not find much excitement, but you will find everything that you need for raising children — schools, parks, family restaurants, great school sports teams, stadiums, and libraries. Life in small communities has many perks, with safety being one of the most obvious ones. Although life in big cities can often seem attractive, living in a small town has its advantages that easily win over many young families and couples that plan on having children. The city of Blanchard has a lot to offer to those who are looking to escape the hectic big-city life and settle down in one friendly community that values sports, culture, and a peaceful way of life.

Before We Say Goodbye

Blanchard hall

Blanchard can be proud of its residents, such as Jody Miller, Bonnie Cambell, and Tony K. Burris, but it can also be proud of its youngest residents — the amazing student-athletes that brought home many medals. The Blanchard Lions is a successful high-school football team that is quite well-known outside the city’s limits, and even outside the Oklahoma State. Back in 2012, this team won the Football State Championship and proved that they really deserve the name Lions!

So besides all the talented artists, Blanchard has some other great city ambassadors — the young and dedicated athletes. This small Oklahoma town can be proud of its basketball, baseball, softball, and wrestling teams. However, it also had talented golfers, powerlifters, and cheerleaders. It seems that the city of Blanchard has a special place for sports in its heart.

From the early 20th century to the modern times, Blanchard never failed to grant the U.S. some talented artists, athletes, and the biggest gift of all — a haven for all of those who yearn for a simple life. Between Newcastle and Oklahoma City lies this charming little town that grants its residents a serene life, welcomes visitors with hospitality, and reminds the world of true values in life.