Church Prayers for School Teachers

Capitol Hill Baptist Church pray

One of the churches in Oklahoma City, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, organized an event for the beginning of the upcoming school year. What was different this year was that instead of giving school supplies to students, the focus was turned towards teachers.

The senior pastor’s wife, Susan DeMoss, organized this event wanting to encourage teachers and give them spiritual support of prayer. Furthermore, the event was held for teachers, administration, and school staff to help them prepare for going back to school.

She said that they had a significant impact on kids and that they deserved support. She also said that they shared the same heart and that they wanted to refresh them with fellowship and gifts to show appreciation. Finally, she asked how we could help and encourage teachers when education was in such a crisis.

According to DeMoss, the church should be a place of gathering and praying for teachers and school staff where people could connect and encourage one another and even hear more stories from older teachers who had their faith support them throughout their career.